Michael Grassick


One of the major points of having an Association is to enable a viewpoint to be collectively rather than individually expressed. The Association plays a major role in helping to make training as successful as possible by solving any issues of concern that may arise. The Association is there to listen to the needs and problems of trainers and address them.

Trainers having difficulty with rules or issues in the Turf Club or HRI can approach the Association and it will act on their behalf to help sort out their problems. The Association has played a major role in the progress of Irish Racing and has set up excellent communication procedures with all concerned in the administration and running of the Irish racing industry.

The Association runs a very worthwhile and important Benevolent Fund for trainers and their families who come on hard times. There is also a Death in Service benefit for trainers both retired or licensed holders.

The Association generously contribute annually to RACE, Irish Horse Welfare Trust and Blue Cross Horse Ambulance.

The Association also offers advice on Health & Safety issues and employer insurance and other issues relating to employment.

Over 60 years on, the IRTA continues to experience the fruits of its labour and its determination to improve the well being of trainers has gone a long way to making the Association the success it is today.

The I.R.T.A. is represented on the following bodies: Horse Racing Ireland, Irish Thoroughbred Marketing, European Trainers Federation, Leopardstown Racecourse, Navan Racecourse, R.A.C.E., Stable Employees Pension Plan.